Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Letters

So I have seen a few blogs where they write these cute little letters so I thought I would give it a shot.

Dear Gold's Gym,
I promise I will visit you tomorrow and I will become a more frequent visitor.

Dear Etsy,
Why am I having such a hard time putting my items on you?

Dear $2.00 Sandals,
Why did you have to be such a good deal that I had to buy one in every color? You know I made a goal not to buy anything for 40 days.

Dear Kings of Leon,
Why am I not sick of hearing your songs? I have listened to you all day over and over.

Dear St. Patricks Day,
Why do I want to be Irish every time you come around?

Dear heel spurs,
You are making me feel like an 80 year old lady.

Dear Followers,
Welcome I am so excited to get to know you better.

Dear Chandy and Richard,
I am sorry I can be a beast sometimes. Please forgive me!



  1. This is JennieGee from swapbot (I show up as Jenawin in the followers list) Great looking blog! Feel free to rate as soon as you have the time.

  2. dear thesimplecountrychick,
    all the letters you wrote were so cute! i totally want to cc a copy of the letter to etsy and followers! and i can relate to the feeling old... (but keep that on the d.l.)


  3. I love the little letters your wrote and may have to borrow the idea sometime.