Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little Letters

So I have seen a few blogs where they write these cute little letters so I thought I would give it a shot.

Dear Gold's Gym,
I promise I will visit you tomorrow and I will become a more frequent visitor.

Dear Etsy,
Why am I having such a hard time putting my items on you?

Dear $2.00 Sandals,
Why did you have to be such a good deal that I had to buy one in every color? You know I made a goal not to buy anything for 40 days.

Dear Kings of Leon,
Why am I not sick of hearing your songs? I have listened to you all day over and over.

Dear St. Patricks Day,
Why do I want to be Irish every time you come around?

Dear heel spurs,
You are making me feel like an 80 year old lady.

Dear Followers,
Welcome I am so excited to get to know you better.

Dear Chandy and Richard,
I am sorry I can be a beast sometimes. Please forgive me!